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AGD believes that interscholastic competitive debate is universally valuable because it promotes self-expression, cultural understanding, academic exchange, critical thinking, tolerance, and civic discourse. AGD is committed to connecting high school-level debate organizations across the world and to overcoming social, economic, and institutional barriers to debate competitions. AGD works to accomplish these goals by empowering local students to compete in debate, both by supporting existing debate competitions across the world and by organizing new debate tournaments in partnership with local community leaders.



The Association for Global Debate (AGD) is a team of passionate debaters, organizers, teachers, judges, and parents who support the growth of debating across different countries and regions. As a support network, AGD strives to connect high school debating events, leagues, and societies to resources and experts, both local and foreign. We provide free resources for tournament and debate team organizers who need academic, organizational, or financial assistance.

Free Training Resources

AGD and its network of experts have put together a set of high impact development tools to its debating members and affiliates. AGD is committed to improving the quality of debate tournaments everywhere by maintaining a high-quality database of online training and educational materials, such as research guides, manuals, and public domain publications. AGD's academic staff is happy to travel to your city once per year and conduct free in-person training sessions oriented towards prospective or beginner debaters.

Free Tournament Tabulation Systems and Assistance

AGD believes that any debate team or educator should be able to host a tournament without enduring a tidal wave of manual data entry. AGD’s team of expert tournament administration and organizers works to provide remote and in-person support for local organizers with the logistics, operation, and tabulation of their tournaments.

Sponsorship for Growing Debating Communities

The Association understands the constraints and challenges facing young debate organizations. The Association forms ties with key partners and sponsors in locations around the world and sources for them financial assistance to start sustainable, quality debating communities and lay the foundations for regional and national debating events.

International Tournaments

AGD supports and hosts a variety of international high school debate competitions each year across the world. AGD’s tournaments run using a variety of different formats, depending on the host location. The AGD and its affiliated tournaments all aspire to the highest standards of fairness, promptness, and professionalism.

Policy Advocacy

AGD is engaged in academic research on the impact that debating has on academic performance and career prospects. Through our studies and research, we advocate for changes to education policy that improve the status and resources available for extracurricular activities in general and debate in particular. Through these changes, we hope to improve the communities that our debaters, colleagues, and friends live in.


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