We were incredibly happy to work with the amazing convening team from Asia Pacific University at this terrific event.

Teams from all over Asia competed for 6 gruelling rounds of World Schools format debating. On topics that ranged from: the situation in the South China Sea; Education policy; Animal sentience; LGBT rights; ASEAN membership; the TPPA; the role of religion in politics and even to the ethical implications of uploading our minds into computers.

The students dealt with all these topics intelligently and passionately, making some amazing arguments at all levels. The final debates which our Academic Director John Harper and International Outreach Coordinator Daryl Louis Isla had the privilege of judging were absolutely spectacular and would compare favourably with any university level debate. 

The quality of these young debaters gives us great hope for the future of debating in the region, and we look forward to seeing you all again at future competitions. 


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