Every year in late December/early January the World Universities Debating Championships (WUDC) takes place. Each year it has over 400 teams, and 1000+ total participants, making it one of the largest debating events in the world.  This  year it is being hosted by the 

It has increasingly become a spectator sport in recent years, with thousands of people tuning in online (and out-rounds broadcast on TV sometimes). Watching WUDC debates is a great way to improve your own debating, by seeing some of the best debaters in the world in action, and to cheer on your favourites. debating society of Greece in Thessaloniki. 

Livestreams of rounds will be online here.

For other updates follow the official facebook page and official twitter account, where schedule, topics, etc will be posted. 

Lively discussion from around the world always takes place on twitter, follow this hashtag searchTends to vary between serious analysis, gossip and 


How it works

Worlds contains 9 rounds of British Parliamentary Debates, spread over three days,this takes quite a toll on participants, adding an element of endurance on top of the intellectual demands of the competition. The main rounds are followed by elimination rounds for the Open category, English as a Second Language (ESL) and English as a Foreign Language (EFL) categories.

The Break (the teams progressing to the out rounds) is traditionally announced at Midnight on new years eve local time. New years day is traditionally a day off to recover and socialise, with the outrounds taking place across the next few days. Other highlights include public speaking and "masters" (old debaters who are judging) competitions, as well as various social and cultural events.

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Our staff who are there judging will be posting updates and commentary through the week, so check here and on our facebook page.

Because we and our sister league, the National High School Debate league of China, have been growing quite rapidly recently we are looking to recruit several new full time staff. Click here if you are interested. 

Also we are running a summer World Schools and Public Forum Debate institute in the USA, so get in touch if you are a high school student or coach.  

Updates after the main rounds:

The main rounds  are now finished. The full results of the main rounds can be found here:

New years day is traditionally a day for the teams of relax and recover from the competition, and includes organised trips to local tourist destinations and a fun debate between judges. The elimination rounds begin on the 2nd of January and the finals of each category are on the 3rd of January. 

Streams have been moved to a different site due to technical issues. Several individuals and teams are tweeting live comentary via the hashtag WUDC.  

The full list of motions so far:

*Round 1:* THW allow states to use mercenary forces in combat roles in active military operations.

*Round 2:* THW prohibit the private ownership of art deemed to be culturally or historically significant.

*Round 3:* THBT all states should collectively aggregate & evenly distribute all profit from mineral wealth globally on a per capita basis

*Round 4:* THBT governments with racially diverse populations should never record the ethnic or racial background of their residents.

*Round 5:* THB the US should withdraw from East Asia and cede regional hegemony to China.

*Round 6:*
Info slide: A sunset clause provides that a law will expire after a specific date unless further action is taken to extend it.
THB that states should adopt sunset clauses that legally force them to review and either re-authorize or revise their constitutions every generation

*Round 7:* TH supports stronger collective bargaining rights and protections rather than legislated labor market regulations (e.g., wage levels and working conditions)

*Round 8:* THBT the creation of feminist icons and their cults of personality are good for the feminist movement.

*Round 9* infoslide: Culpability is a measure of the degree to which a person can be held morally responsible for an offence.
THBT criminal punishments should be based only on an offender's culpability rather than the damage caused by the criminal act or other outcomes derived from the punishment.

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