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Public Forum

Public forum is the most popular style of high school debate in the United States and is now practiced all over the world. It is also the style used at the majority of AGD tournaments. 

British Parliamentary/Worlds/WUDC Style

The most popular style at international university debate tournaments. 

3 vs 3 Debating Styles - Australs, Asians and World Schools (WSDC)


Lincoln Douglas (LD)

 Resources for Community News/Camps


APDA (American Parliamentary Debbating Association) Style


General Debating resources 

(BP Focused but generally cross applicable) 


Debating Blogs and other community resources

  • The Communist Case File (Facebook Group) – Crowdsourced collection of useful information and discussions. (Not actually communist.)
  • European Debating – Contains an up to date list of dates for upcoming European debating competitions and motions from previous competitions.
  • Global Debate – Alfred Snider’s Blog on international competitive debating (BP and World Schools focused).
  • SevenTwenty – Dutch and general debating blog
  • AchteMinute – Group blog focused on German and international debating
  • DEBATTIERKLUB WIEN – Updates from Vienna debating society



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The Association for Global Debate (AGD) is a team of passionate debaters, organizers, teachers, judges, and parents who support the growth of debating across different countries and regions. As a support network, AGD strives to connect high school debating events, leagues, and societies to resources and experts, both local and foreign. We provide free resources for tournament and debate team organizers who need academic, organizational, or financial assistance.