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2015 CISB-AGD Invitational Results Announcement!

Our congratulations to everybody who participated in the 2015 Canadian International School of Beijing - Association for Global Debate Invitational Tournament, hosted on October 10, 2015. We were thrilled to see a mix of students just entering the world of debate and experienced debaters continuing their commitment. We are pleased to announce that, for many participating students, the tournament was a collegial and friendly start to the debate season, and, for novice debaters, the start of a fun and educational debate journey.

The tournament, hosted at and co-run with the Canadian International School of Beijing, drew students from seven international schools in Beijing, as well as students in international departments of public schools from places as far away as Shenyang. Next year, we look forward to an even bigger, better, and more geographically diverse season-opener!

Results are as follows:

All ballots may be accessed here!

Middle School Division

Honorable Mention
Canadian International School of Beijing Alina Yu and Tiger Bi
International School of Beijing Timothy Chau and Curtis Wong

Yew Cheng International School of Beijing Sydney Lee and Sofia Ouyang
International School of Beijing Alex Zheng and Colin Huang

Runners Up
Canadian International School of Beijing Andrew Yang and Will Wo

Champions -- Middle School Division
International School of Beijing Harry Xiao and Oliver Ye

Top Speaker-- Middle School Division
Yew Cheng International School of Beijing Sofia Ouyang

High School Division

Harrow International School Beijing Henry Hu and Franklin Qiao
International School of Beijing Brooke McCawley and Yaya Bernell
Liaoning Province Experimental High School International Department Yifan Yin(尹一凡) and Tianyi Qin (秦添熤)
International School of Beijing Daniel Fu and Emily Li

International School of Beijing Jessie Fan and Connie Zhang
International School of Beijing Evelyn Li and Kathy Liu

Runners Up
International School of Beijing Annie Wan and Anaya Dam

Champions -- High School Division
Western Academy of Beijing Angela Zhou and Sharry Li

Top Speaker-- High School Division
International School of Beijing Wilson Li

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