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We are pleased to announce that for the first time our partner league the National High School Debate League of China is adding an international division to their National Championship.  This tournament will take place from the 5th to 7th of August 2017 on the newly renovated campus of Beijing Kaiwen Academy. 

This tournament takes place every Summer in Beijing, and each subsequent year has broken the record for largest tournament ever hosted in Asia, with over 400 participating students last year. This tournament will include 7 preliminary rounds of debate in the Public From style for all participants, followed by elimination rounds. 

As well as our own coaching staff, and a number of experienced judges from the greater China area,  we are also pleased to say that the tournament will feature judges from our partner organisations at Harvard, Stanford, UPenn and Yale. These will be experienced debaters currently studying at those institutions, with successes at the high school and university level, and a depth of judging and coaching experience. Past judges have included US national High School Champions and runners up,  top 10 ranked US Universities speakers, and internationally successful speakers and judges with breaks at the World Universities, US Universities, European Universities and Asian Universities debating championships. 

The combination of these three days of intensive competition and the unparalleled quality of the judging pool will make for a uniquely valuable experience for students, allowing them to hone their skills in debating and gain valuable experience for their later lives, while having an enjoyable and rewarding experience. 

This our partner league the National High School Debate League of China is the world’s largest second language debate league, hosting regional debate tournaments and providing free training sessions to schools in over 50 cities across China. This tournament will feature separate divisions for native English and second language speakers. Which will give students an opportunity to meet and make friends with students from a variety of backgrounds, while still being able to compete on an even playing field. 

Topic: The United States Federal Government should implement a universal basic income

Topic Introduction

[Sample case for the Pro side]

[Sample case for the Con side]

[Sample cases]&[Research Packet]

The standard registration deadline is June 15, 2017, and the registration fee is 1,000RMB per debater. After June 15, all registrations will incur a 200RMB late fee. You can register at the links below: 

Bilingual Chinese and English registration form. (VPN not needed)

Individual Registration (English, VPN may be needed)

Please direct all questions to Contact@AGDebate.com. We look forward to seeing you this Summer!

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