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The Association for Global Debate is pleased to invite you to the Spring 2018 AGD Beijing Invitational Debate Tournament, hosted on the 10th-11th of March at Dulwich College Beijing. The tournament will feature:

  • An optional training session on the Friday evening with our experienced coaching staff; 
  • Four rounds of Debate on the Saturday March 11th, where all participants take part, with a break for lunch provided on site.
  • Elimination rounds on Sunday March 11th. 

The AGD’s team of debate judges and coaches includes a former American national champion, a former coach of the largest debate team in the US, two prolific debate organizers from the London debate circuit, former American national runner-up, and breaking speakers and judges from the World Universities Debating Championship, European Universities Debating Championship, Asian Universities Debating Championship, Asian Schools Debating Championship, Cambridge Intervarsity, Oxford Intervarsity, Durham Open and Imperial College Open.


Tournament Details

Competition Dates: March 10-11, 2018

Training Date [Optional]: March 9, 2018

Debate Format: U.S. Public Forum Debate (2 person teams); all debates conducted in English    

Topic for All Debates: Resolved: China should broker and Israeli-Palestinian peace deal. 

Tournament Cap: 144 debaters

Rounds Planned: 4 preliminary rounds, then elimination rounds. We expect to clear all 3-1 and 4-0 teams.

Divisions: High School (grades 9-12) Debate and Middle School (grades 5-8) Debate. Middle School students may choose to participate in the Middle School or High School Divisions, but High School students may only participate in the High School Division. Students that are anticipated to graduate from high school on or after 2021 are eligible for the Middle School Division.

Awards: All elimination round participants and the top speaker will receive a trophy or medal. All participants will receive a participation certificate.

Age Limitations: Any students may compete as long as they have not graduated from secondary school.


Registration Information 

For coaches: Register your team in batch by requesting a registration spreadsheet from Contact@AGDebate.com or fill out this group registration form.

For students or independent registrants: Complete either the English Registration Form (VPN may be needed inside China) . The Chinese registration form will be available on January 8, 2018!

Registration Fee: ¥420 RMB per student (includes judging fees)

Food: Not included in the registration fee but available for purchase on campus. 

Registration Deadline: Friday, March 3rd, 2017

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