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The AGD's sister league the National High School Debate League of China is pleased to invite you to the Beijing Regional Debate Tournament, co-hosted with Tsinghua International School from 11th to 12th of November. The event will be held at Tsinghua International School, with an optional training session on the evening of the 10th. We aim to provide attending teams with an educationally rich, professionally judged, and competitively intense debating experience.

Tsinghua International School (THIS) is home to both English and Chinese Speech and Debate, both clubs offer a wonderful opportunity for students to test and improve their logical flow, language fluency and argumentation skills. THIS’s Speech and Debate Club was officially relaunched in the fall of 2016. In only a short period of one year, it grew from just 5 newly recruited novices to a well organized team of over 40 now experienced debaters. Over the course of the school year, debaters from the club have attended tournaments all across China, while many have also traveled overseas to compete, in both NHSDLC tournaments and others. Having brought back outstanding results in the field, THIS aims to provide the same unforgettable and exhilarating environment and experience for the participants of this year’s tournament, as the organization has often done in the past, welcoming avid debaters, coaches, and judges. 

The National High School Debate League of China is the world’s largest second language debate league that hosts regional debate tournaments and provides free training sessions to schools in over 50 cities across China. This tournament will feature separate divisions for native English and second language speakers, allowing students to both meet and work with a global community whilst maintaining a fair playing field.

The NHSDLC is happy to provide in-person training for schools around Beijing and beyond, for any teams or coaches that request the training prior to the start of the competition. The NHSDLC’s team of debate judges and coaches includes a former American national champion, a former coach of the largest debate team in the US, two prolific debate organizers from the London debate circuit, a former American policy “debater of the year”, and a former American national debate runner-up.


Please direct all questions to info@nhsdlc.cn. We look forward to seeing you in November!

Tournament Details

Competition Dates: November 11-12, 2017

Optional Training session: Evening of Friday November 10th with the NHSDLC's training staff. 

Debate Format: U.S. Public Forum Debate (2 person teams); all debates conducted in English.

Topic for All Debates: "Resolved: The benefits of using artificial intelligence outweigh the harms."

Tournament Cap: 250 debaters

Rounds Planned: 4 preliminary rounds on the Saturday which all teams participate in, followed by elimination rounds on the Sunday where the top teams compete against each other. We expect to clear all 3-1 and 4-0 teams.

The tournament will feature three divisions:

  • AGD High School (open to all grades; most competitors are above grade 9), open to all international students as well as local students who are comfortable debating against international students.
  • ESL-only High School (open to all grades; most competitors are above grade 9), open to all students whose native language is not English. We define a native English speaker as a person who has a passport from or has lived in a country where one of the official languages is English for 5 years or more. Please note that this division is run by the NHSDLC, the local Chinese partner organization of the AGD.
  • Open Middle School (open only to grades 5-9), open to middle schoolers from all schools, both international and local. 

Awards: All elimination round participants and the top speaker will receive a trophy or medal. All participants will receive a participation certificate.

Venue: Tsinghua International School, Haidian District, Beijing

Registration Fee: ¥360 RMB per student (includes judging fees). Food will be available and lunch tickets will be sold at registration.

Registration Deadline: Friday, November 3rd, 2017

Teams may choose to register in either one of two ways: 

1. For coaches—Register your team in batch by requesting a registration spreadsheet from info@nhsdlc.cn. We can reserve spaces for a school if you cannot immediately provide a list of the students who are participating.


2. For students or independent registrants—Register using our online form for each team. You may access the firm through these links:

       a. Chinese, no VPN needed

       b. English

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