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Results of the AGD Shanghai Autumn Invitational!

Congratulations to all of the debaters, at an amazing Shanghai AGD tournament.  We are very proud to have hosted this tournament in collaboration with SJTU and our sponsors The Edge.  We had some amazing speakers from some of the best high schools in China, and international school students from across the world competing.  

The competition was fierce with many students winning all four of their debate rounds and making the break to the elimination rounds on Sunday 15th, incredibly difficult.

Congratulations to all of the debaters, and we hope to see you at future AGD events!

All the ballots with results and feedback from the individual rounds can be found here: https://pan.baidu.com/s/1eRU3S34

Please email contact@agdebate.org if you have any issues with accessing the results or any other questions.

Progressing through to Partial Octa-finals are:  (In no particular order)

913914 Jinglan Tang & Richard Runshen Lu - Tsing Hua International School

915916 Alan Rongyi Tao & Tracy Yang - Tsing Hua International School

921922 Grace Ruixin Chen & Claudia Chen sun - Tsing Hua International School

929930 Anna Jiaxi Mao & Jennifer Chen - Tsing Hua International School

901902 Louis Lin & Christopher Lu - Canadian International School Beijing

907908 ZhengWuming & Hannan How - Canadian International School Beijing

925926 Ben Yang & Charlie Shuchao Liu - Tsing Hua International School

Congratulations to all of those making it to the Quarter Finals

949950 Juyeon Baik & Bill Yin - Concordia International School Shanghai

903904 William Guo & Ryan Zhou - Canadian International School Beijing

923924 Jason Liu & Tianyi Wang - Tsing Hua International School

Congratulations to all of those making it to the Semi Finals

945946 Julian Chow & Angela Qian - Concordia International School Shanghai

905906 Amy Zhang & Paula Song - Canadian International School Beijing

Congratulations to the Finalists

943944 Melissa Au & John Huang - Concordia International School Shanghai

Congratulations to the Champions

947948 Joshua Shou & Catherine Wang - Concordia International School Shanghai

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